About Above Ground Pools Ladders

Is there a trick to finding the right above ground pool ladder? Well, believe it not, there are several things that you need to be aware of when finding the right ladder for your above ground swimming pool. Surely, you must be thinking what will I need to know that I don’t already know in order to buy the right above ground pool ladder. The answer to that question is the subject of this article.
So, you’ve purchased an above ground pool and had it installed or installed it yourself. If you have purchased an above ground pool kit then you already have your ladder ready to go and shouldn’t have to many more issues. But what if your ladder has been damaged or needs repair. It is not uncommon, especially if your above ground pool is frequented by a host of teenage boys, to need to buy a new pool ladder at some point. Here are the things you are going to need to consider.
1. Who is using your above ground pool?
The requirements for a pool that you allow your six year old to float in will be entirely different from your needs if your pool is run amok by a horde of teenagers. Also, be advised that many above ground pool ladders are built for different clientel meaning that if a lot of adults use your pool you will need a more heavy duty ladder that can safely support that extra weight.
2. What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?
If you only use your pool three months out of the year your above ground pool takes a lot less wear and tear than one that is used eight months out of the year. If you use your pool quite often you are going to want to consider a heavy duty above ground pool ladder. The same is true if you live in an area that has especially harsh winters. Conside
3. Do you have a deck around your above ground pool?
If you have built (or had built) a deck around your pool then you are going to need a pool ladder with a different configuration than if your pool does not have a deck. If you have a pool deck then your ladder is only going to need to extend down on side of the pool.
4. How many people typically use your above ground pool?
If you get a lot of foot traffic at your pool, say you host lots of neighborhood events, you may want to consider having more than one pool ladder to allow easy access in and out of the pool. It can be dangerous and not super effective to have 15 children all trying to exit the pool from the same ladder.
Consider these points carefully when shopping for your above ground pool needs. Remember that just because you think that you know quite a bit about a ladder does not mean that you shouldn’t put the appropriate amount of thought into your above ground pool ladders.


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